Subscription Fulfillment and Management Software

Effective circulation management is all about identifying your best sources for subscriptions, the cost to acquire your subscribers, and optimizing your renewal rates.

The P2P Subscription Sales module excels at this type of analysis. All new and renewing subscribers are tracked by source code so you will always know the cost to acquire or renew all of your subscribers.
You can reduce manual data entry by linking your website order page to P2P. Credit card orders will be processed automatically and all subscription orders will be seamlessly integrated into your subscriber database. Your subscribers will be able to manage their own account to change address, renew a subscription, etc.

In addition to powerful analysis tools, P2P offers:

  • Multi-title subscription offers
  • Subscription premiums setup, tracking and mailing
  • Multiple addresses for each subscriber
  • Unlimited demographic and psychographic fields
  • Subscription renewal campaigns with on-screen prompts when it’s time to run renewal notices
  • Invoicing campaigns with on-screen prompts when it’s time to send a reminder to payP2P allows you to manage all subscription and fulfillment operations from order entry through label printing, invoicing, renewals and source code analysis. You’ll be able to run an efficient circulation department and make profitable decisions based on the analysis of your promotions.


  • Scalable to any publication size
  • Unlimited publications and issues
  • Unlimited draw/buyer groups
  • Add/edit initial draws
  • Process returns for credit
  • Add supplemental draws
  • Record shortages
  • Manage back issue sales
  • Inventory tracking system
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Add/edit delivery routes
  • Export buyers for mail merge
  • Copy draws from issue to issue

Even more Features.

  • Inventory tracking system
  • Full-featured accounts receivable system
  • Multi-currency sales and invoicing
  • Credit card processing
  • Choice of invoice formats
  • Dupe detection and subscriber clean-up
  • Subscriber and subscription sales export feature
  • Invoice export feature
  • Mailing label export
  • Automatic write-off of small balances
  • Batch processing for efficient data entry
  • Grace Issues


  • Promotional (new business) campaign analysis
  • Renewal campaign analysis
  • Annual renewal report
  • Geographical analysis by status and publication
  • New business analysis by campaign for a selected period
  • New business mail merge
  • Expiry analysis
  • Expiry analysis w/ renewal revenue projections
  • Subscriber split report by publication
  • Full-page invoice printing w/ logo

Even more reporting.

  • Short-form invoice printing (three per page)
  • Sales batch details report
  • Bank deposit report by payment method
  • Credit card transactions detail report
  • GL transfer report
  • AR aging report
  • Aging report by publication
  • Deferred revenue by issue
  • Deferred revenue by publication