Single Copy Sales Management Software

Managing the distribution of your publication on the newsstand or through retail outlets can be a nightmare. Wasted circulation has a direct effect on your bottom line and is one of the largest contributors to lack of profit.

The P2P Single Copy Sales module is an affordable integrated circulation system that tracks sales and accounts receivable for all your single copy distribution channels.
P2P software dramatically decreases the time spent on paperwork and provides access to the information you need to make profitable distribution decisions. P2P software helps you develop or refine your distribution program, from planning through selling, production, billing, returns and reporting.

In addition to basic account management P2P software offers:

  • Delivery routes for alternative delivery methods
  • Regional sales reports with sell-through stats
  • Sales tracking by Draw Group (newsstand, direct-to-retail, etc.)
  • Parent-child billing


  • Scalable to any publication size
  • Unlimited publications and issues
  • Unlimited draw/buyer groups
  • Add/edit initial draws
  • Process returns for credit
  • Add supplemental draws
  • Record shortages
  • Manage back issue sales
  • Inventory tracking system
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Add/edit delivery routes
  • Export buyers for mail merge
  • Copy draws from issue to issue

Even more Features.

  • Full-featured Accounts Receivable system
  • Invoice printing w/ logo
  • Multi-issue invoicing
  • Automatic buyer account write-off
  • Automatic write-off of small balances
  • Transfer buyer accounts
  • Buyer draws and returns export
  • Buyer address labels
  • Buyer address labels w/ issue and draw quantities


  • Annual sales summary
  • U.S. regional sales summary
  • Canadian regional sales summary
  • Buyer sales by publication and issue
  • Delivery route report
  • Publisher sales report (all publications) for selected period
  • Issue draw report by buyer
  • Transactions listing for selected buyer

Even more reporting.

  • Statement printing
  • Statement printing for selected buyer
  • AR aging report by publication
  • P&L reports by publication and issue
  • Inventory report
  • Inventory adjustment report