Software is our product; service is our business

Good support is key to good software. We’re often praised for our support because we truly are here for our publishers. We provide a variety of services to support our publishers’ needs ranging from training to publication sales support.

One-on-one with your staff. Sales rep training.

We provide training using live online demos and pre-recorded training videos. Typical publications are up-and-running in a couple of days. We also provide live online, phone and email based support so you and your reps can get answers fast.

Building a database. Importing your data.

Most publishers rely on their sales reps to maintain their individual contact data. This means data is usually stored in a variety of programs including Maximizer, Goldmine, Outlook and Excel. Over the years we’ve developed specialized programs to extract contact data from almost any source and import it into P2P. This allows your reps to build their contact information in P2P’s centralized database.

Data is key to maximizing your publication value Ready to sell a publication?

If you want to blow the socks off a potential buyer, having all your data organized in the P2P system will do just that. Questions are easy to answer when all your data is centralized in P2P. Sales per issue, yearly sales, sales rep performance, advertiser history, invoices and payments are all at your fingertips. P2P software has helped many publishers maximize the sale value of their publications. When you’re ready to hand over the keys, the new owner walks away with one of the most valuable assets your publication possesses, its history. If the new owner continues using P2P they’re ready to build on that value right out of the gate.