Ad Sales Management Software

The Ad Sales module manages display, classified, and web/online advertising sales and receivables.

By using this module, you’ll gain a competitive advantage through increased productivity and better access to information. Save time and money by eliminating the duplication of data required by separate systems for prospecting, sales, production and accounting. P2P’s software eliminates the paper chase, reduces the possibility for error and increases productivity. All team members share information from the same database. No more time is wasted tracking down paperwork or correcting errors because of outdated or incorrect information.

P2P software can be used for the whole ad sales management process or only where you need it:

  • Client and prospect contact management and scheduling
  • Sales management and analysis
  • Creation of run sheets and management of ad materials
  • Invoicing and Accounts Receivable management


  • Works on a Mac, PC or Linux and with all of the established browsers
  • No software to install (other than Adobe Reader which is free and on most computers already)
  • Accessible from any location with the Internet
  • Scalable to any publication size
  • Unlimited publications and issues
  • Full-featured CRM system
  • Powerful filtering tools

Even more Features.

  • Unlimited rate cards
  • Customizable screens
  • Customizable production fields
  • Customizable feature access for each user
  • Split commissions
  • Flexible commission payment system
  • Full-featured Accounts Receivable system
  • Multi-currency sales and invoicing
  • Credit card processing
  • Charge interest on overdue amounts
  • Dupe detection and advertiser clean-up
  • Sales and advertiser export feature
  • AR transactions export


  • Total ad sales by issue
  • Total ad sales by issue and by sales rep
  • Multi-issue sales report
  • Yearly sales summary
  • Selected advertiser sales by issue
  • Variance report by issue (actual sales vs rate card)
  • Sales target summary
  • Sales forecasting
  • Production run sheet by issue
  • Advertiser contact by period
  • Sales contract expiry
  • Scheduled contacts by period
  • Sales rep contact activities

Even more reporting.

  • Sales rep scheduled activities
  • Sales rep account ownership
  • Sales rep outstanding sales
  • Mail merge letters
  • Address label printing
  • AR aging report
  • GL transfer report
  • Payment period summary
  • Invoice amount remaining
  • Issue invoice summary
  • Commissions owed
  • Commissions paid