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Tech Support

We offer unlimited customer support during and after account setup. You will be provided with a single point of contact, a knowledgeable Customer Service Representative, who will become thoroughly familiar with your account and its history. We encourage you to seek our help at any time to learn all the features and benefits of the software, and to maximize the value of your investment.
We also welcome your ideas and suggestions for improving the software and its benefits to you.

Support Options

Email support

We are pleased to provide free email support to all customers. We've found putting the answers in writing is more efficient than phone support. Email support affords our clients a documented record they can refer to later or which may be forwarded to other users. When receiving an email that requires verbal clarification, we don't hesitate to call the client, no charge. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently answer questions allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business. As our clients will attest, we're committed to providing not only a superior solution but to providing excellent support.

Encouraging the use of Email Support also helps us efficiently use our support resources and keep costs down, which in turn we pass along to our clients with our extremely competitive rates.

Phone support

With the simplicity of the product and all the other forms of support on offer, we rarely hear the phone ring. But when it does, we are ready and will have the answer you need. Call Toll-free 1-877-811-1811 in North America.

Training videos

We have many training videos covering all aspects of using the P2P system. These are accessed from the Help Menu and require the installation of Macromedia Flash Player.

Context sensitive help

On any web page in the P2P software modules you can click “Help/Current Page” and get a list of common questions and answers for the current page.

Printed documentation

If you’d like to read a manual we have a series of printable PDF manuals that cover all aspects of the P2P software. You can print them or view and search them on your screen.