Rights & Royalties Management

Rights and Royalty Management System
Evolved systems for complex needs

Over 19 years' experience in design and development of rights and royalties management systems.

Our Rights Management Expertise

  • From royalties and revenues generated by radio stations to management of paper reproduction authorization
  • Regulatory compliance and equity
  • Needs and challenges specific to music, publishing and audiovisual industries
  • Business objectives:
    • Reduce operating cost
    • Optimize management
    • Add value for members (client services)
    • Improve quality of information
  • Specific system issues:
    • Eligibility conflicts in radio log
    • Types of contracts and definitions
    • Variable royalty rates and payment frequency, etc

Experienced Project Team

  • AGILE development method
  • A team of specialists:
    • System analysts
    • Data architect/Modelers
    • Functional analysts
    • User interface specialists
    • Programmer/Analysts
    • Quality Assurance specialists